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Friday, December 10, 2010

Crazy World Giant Killer Sea Worm in U.K

A 4-foot-long giant sea worm has been discovered at an aquarium in the U.K. Workers at Newquay's Blue Reef Aquarium unearthed the creature while they were trying to figure out what was attacking a coral reef and prize fish, the U.K.'s Daily Mail reported. The Daily Mail said the tropical worm, named Barry, is capable of permanently numbing humans with its sting.
(Rex USA)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Super Crazy Salary of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Malaysia CEO!!!

Check out the salary Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) CEO is getting.. No wonder Malaysian are paying a whole load for electricity .. They are simply robbing us. Time to kick the whole lot out!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Super cool Black Valentine Piglet

A weeks-old Gloucester Old Spot pig was dubbed Valentine when he was born Jan. 29 with a heart-shaped patch on his side. The piglet, one of a litter of seven, became the center of attention after staff at Byford's Farm near Newent, southwestern England, spotted his unusual markings. Specialist breeder Eric Freeman said the piglet was "stealing the show" and has won a legion of fans in the buildup to Valentine's Day. (Gloucester Citizen/PA/AP Photo)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kurt Corbain Just Killed Justin Bieber

muahahaha... Kurt Corbain Just Killed Justin Beiber :)



Indonesian gangs rapes any females - BEWARE !!!
These creatures that look like human called Indonesians are now raping 8 years old girl....!!! Please set up an alarm system in your house...!!! The money is not worth saving....!!! It will be too late for all you know. These Indonesians would rape any females ranging from 1 year old to as old as 90 years old.


Police have mounted an inter-state manhunt for a notorious gang which robbed a couple before raping their eight-year-old daughter in their Kepong home on Monday. They believe the same gang is also behind Tuesday's incident where a 31-year-old housewife was gang raped by five men in front of her husband at a house in Kelana Jaya after relieving them off RM30,000 in cash and valuables. In the first incident on Monday, three knife-wielding men broke into house in Bukit Maluri, Kepong, at 2.30am and held up the family. The robbers, who entered from the back door, then threatened the couple and their three children before tying them and ransacking the house.

Several minutes later, two of the robbers took the couple's eldest daughter to a room and allegedly raped her.. The gang then fled after 40 minutes with about RM5,000 in cash and valuables.

City police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Meor Chek Hussin Mahayuddin said police had also beefed-up patrols in the area. They are liaising with their counterparts in Negri Sembilan where the gang is believed to be also operating.

MUST READ THIS STATEMENT subject: Malaysiais finally number 2 in something! Don't work too late (MALAYSIABOLEH!) Not to scare anyone.. But, it is good to be watchful rather than feel sorry later.!!!
Malaysiais finally number 2 in something! Don't work too late, It's always good to be very careful.!

Don't work too late, ladies, please take care and you men please tell your wife to make sure that they are not alone when they stay back to work.
Here is the true story.
There is a girl was raped and murdered. She went back to work on a public holiday with another girl, the boyfriend even packed lunch for them and later when the girls wanted to go home, the car couldn't start and the other girl's boyfriend who came to pick her up didn't wait because the girl told them to go off first and there was a security guard helping her. She didn't come home that night and they found her body in a burnt car abandoned in a rubber estate in Dengkil on the 3rd day.
The guard reported to work and acted normal during the police investigation but when the police questioned him again, he remembered the color of her clothes in detail and they noticed that the hair on his hands were seared although there was no burnt marks. He finally admitted that he is the one that killing her. There was no cover up but the case was not publish in the newspapers.

Don't ever trust the security guards.
Be sure to keep the office door lock. Hey girls, be forewarned and please be doubly, even triply cautious whenever there is a need to stay back late at work. If at all possible, leave the plant/company early when there are still people around. Better yet, if there is still work that must absolutely be completed by that day, bring it home!
Just heard about a rape case at a MNC(multinational company) which just happened sometimes back last year. The victim is married with kids, she worked till 11.00 pm. Security guard raped her in the toilet. She managed to escape and drove herself to the hospital.

Next day, the other employees was shocked to see the condition of the toilet.. Blood and her hair everywhere, and all the brooms and mops were broken. The police later came and arrested the security guard, who still reported for work the next day. However, they manage to cover it up, not even come up in the newspaper or any media.
I can't imagine how such cases have been covered up in Malaysia . It's because they are MNC. (This is a sad reality)

Please girls, don't put your life in danger by working late or being negligent. You can never be too careful nowadays. Malaysiaranks number 2 in crime against woman.
Please send this to all your female friends

My extra advice: Guys, please tell your mom, your sister, your wife, your girlfriends and all your female friends around you too!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

10 Most Amazing Celebrity Transformations in Hollywood

Celebrities are frequently called upon to change their appearance for movies, but sometimes they go well beyond the call of duty. This is a list of the 10 most amazing celebrity transformations for film in hollywood.

1. Johnny Depp – Alice in Wonderland

Johnny Depp had to spend three solid hours in the makeup chair everyday to get all that weird kind of Carrot Top kabuki.

2. Rebecca Romijn – X-Men and X-2

Playing the shape-shifting, head-to-toe blue Mystique in the X-Men franchise was no easy task for former Victoria’s Secret model Rebecca Romijn. Sure, she’s modeled panties, but being nude except for body paint and covered in scales? Not exactly model behavior.

3. Brad Pitt – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

They created a sculpture of him well into his 80s, and then did another one of him in his 70s, another one of him appearing to be in his 60s to create that perfect looking old man.

4. Jim Carrey – How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Grinch had to spend four hours straight on the makeup chair to get that ‘Grinch’ look,another hour to take it off during the entire 5 months production. But we all know when it comes to films Carrey really push you over the edge.

5. Ron Perlman – Hellboy

Jake Garber, the makeup artist explained that Perlman’s makeup was all foam prosthetic pieces, including his pecs, a skull cap, and full-facial prosthetic that covered everything except his lower lip.

6. Benicio Del Toro – The Wolfman

Making Benicio become Wolfman by including all the terrifying details was the artwork of six-time Oscar winner Rick Baker. He actually applied loose hair on Benicio’s face and took him three hours daily to get him ready for the scenes.

7. Robin Williams – Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire is a 1993 American comedy film starring Robin Williams who played a role of a 60-year old lady. Making Williams sink in the character special touches were needed which took 4.5 hours a day, but in the end Academy Award for Best Makeup made it all worth while.

8. Marlon and Shawn Wayans – White Chicks

Transforming African-American brothers Marlon and Shawn Wayans into blond, blue-eyed hotel heiresses for the 2004 comedy, ‘White Chicks’ took over seven hours a day, per actor. The process was long and arduous, and included making plaster casts of the brothers’ faces.

9. Ralph Fiennes – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Rowling described Voldemort as “the most evil wizard for hundreds and hundreds of years”. She elaborated that he is a “raging psychopath, devoid of the normal human responses to other people’s suffering”, and creating that look took 2.5 hours every day.

10. Mike Myers – Austin Powers

With the help of Oscar-nominated makeup artists Michele Burke and Mike Smithson, Mike Myers went from Hollywood actor to ’60s British playboy Austin Powers faster than you can say, ‘Do I make you horny, baby?’


Thursday, September 02, 2010

BLOODY HANDS - Penang Island Hospital warning. Pls read and Pass on to your loved one

Scary.. DO NOT STOP !!! Penang Island Hospital warning

If you see a guy (especially Indian) who rides a motorbike with a bloody hand knocking on your window demanding you to stop and asking for tissue paper to clean the blood when you are driving a car, remember DO NOT stop the car at all. Even if he damages your car or holds the side mirrors tightly, DO NOT stop the car but drive directly to the nearest police station. This kind of criminal tactics have been reported in about 40 cases in Seremban, K. Lumpur, Shah Alam, P.Jaya and Klang Town police stations (actually around the whole country). These guys are mainly Indian gangsters, They work in a group and dare to commit this crime even in crowded areas where nobody will dare to stop the car to help you.

The main purpose of this dirty tactic is to rob you and/ or even commit rape if you are female driver driving alone.

Please forward this message to the people you care about.

Dr Jeyashree Srinivasan

Island Hospital

Tel: +6012-4308125 +6012-4308125 +6012-4308125 +6012-4308125

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Baby have to work now??

parents.. what are you thinking? forcing your baby to work now??

Facebook SCAM Beware!!!

This looks like a potential Facebook SCAM email.. beware!!!

Face-book partnered with Microsoft Inc. to reward all the registrar of face-book worldwide. This reward is attributed to all members of face-book whom registered since the beginning till 20th August 2010.
You are entitled to receiving a rewarding sum of $500,000 thousand United State Dollars which will be transfer to you through there offshore account.
To receive this appreciation fee, you are required to forward your:

(1)Registration date e.g. 2004/05/06/07/08/09/10
(2) Your Name
(3) Your Phone number
(4) Your Occupation,

To the face-book representative Mr. Jude Scott. Email:

Note, this offer is applicable to the entire face-book registrar worldwide, as a token of appreciation from the face-book Company USA.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Super Crazy Fast Buggati Veyron Racing Clip

Super Crazy Fast Buggati Veyron Racing Clip Watch this super cool super crazy fastest car on Earth driven by John May of TOP GEAR clip.. Enjoy!! Click here to view the clip >>

Hot Cars: James May drives Bugatti Veyron Clip

Run Giraffe Run For your life!!

Run Giraffe Run For your life Run Giraffe Run!!

Run Giraffe Run For your lifeRun Giraffe Run!!

Run Giraffe Run!!

Run Giraffe Run!! Ruuuuuuun!!!! Run Run Giraffe Run For your life Run Run Giraffe Run For your life Run Run Giraffe Run For your life

Monday, July 19, 2010


Beware of this scammer email to you from PETRONAS...

Petroliam Nasional Berhad(PETRONAS).
Tower 1
Petronas Twin Towers
Kuala Lumpur City Centre(KLCC)
50088 Kuala Lumpur

PETRONAS a Leading Oil and Gas Multinational Of Choice proudly announces
to you as one of her 25 lucky winners worldwide in it's Secured Online

You are therefore entitled to a Total payout of TWO MILLION FIVE HUNDRED
THOUSAND UNITED STATE DOLLARS ($2,500,000.00USD) in cash in this category.

This Promotion was held at the Prestigious Petronas Twin Towers(Currently
the Tallest Building in Malaysia) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia through a secured
automated powered ballot where over 50,000 email addresses from all over
the world were being collected for the draw. The purpose for this
Promotion is an avenue to appreciate all customers who have patronized us
over the years both from Malaysia and worldwide as a whole, the promotion
is also geared at bringing PETRONAS close to the world for advertising its
exquisite brands of products.

The following are your winning Informations to be kept confidential, your
claims agent is the only authorised person you are required to disclose
these informations to for processing:

TICKET NUMBER ------------------60876KS652M,
WINNING NUMBERS ------------------ 85083457
RAFFLE DRAW NUMBERS ------------------1982-02
SECURITY NUMBER ------------------------- 0202.
REFERENCE NUMBER----------------- PET/43824394763/08

You being Authorised/Mandated by this notification which takes immediate
effect to get in touch with your claims officer whom your entitlement has
been drafted to for onward assistance and disbursement with the above

Petroliam Nasional Berhad(PETRONAS)
Tower 1
Petronas Twin Towers
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur
: +60102792905

All the Members and Staff Of PETRONAS congratulates you for being a winner
of its promotion as we hope that you would take the time to Patronize us
in the near future to have a taste of our Exquisite brands of products.

Yours Truly,
Mrs.Omo Fausty.
Online coordinator,
Sweepstakes International Program.
Open 7 days 8am-11pm.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cute Taiwanese Girl Drumming Lady Gaga Poker Face , Kylie Minogue Can't Get off Your Head

Awesome performance by this cute girl playing drums on Lady Gaga' Poker Face.. followed by Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Off My Head. Enjoy!!

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