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Friday, February 01, 2008

DotA: Latest Download DotA AllStars v6.50 Beta 4 AI Map

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DotA AllStars v6.50 Beta 4 AI Map Change Logs

* Cooldown of Linkens is now 20 seconds
* Bottle is in full state at all the shops now (still thinking about this..)
* Fixed Last Word triggering off of Linken Sphere usage
* fixed lothars sell cost
* made Lothar’s 21/21 bonuses
* fixed Lothar’s cooldown
* reduced lothar’s manacost
* Reworked ultimate of Drow Ranger
* Improved range on Drow’s Trueshot Aura
* Increased Morphling’s base damage
* Reduced Replicate manacost and cooldown
* Macropyre cooldown no longer increases per level
* Reduced Expulsion cooldown and manacost
* Improved cast range on Expulsion and Fire Storm
* Lowered Flying Courier HP to the same as regular Courier
* Reduced Sprint’s damage amplification from 20% to 10%

Download Map here..

DotA: Latest Download DotA AllStars v6.50 Beta 4 AI Map

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